Bunhill Quaker Gardens

Charting the redevelopment of the Quaker Gardens between Banner Street and Chequer Street, London, in 02005.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Wild-flower garden on a summer's day

May was wet, and June so far has been hot and sunny; so no surprise that there has been a lot of growth in the garden.

A lot of the temporary fencing was removed a short while after the photos I took a month ago, and the gardens now look much more attractive and welcoming. Some people think it's all weeds, but they'll learn.

Here's a picture of the jam-packed climbing frame and roundabout, and another showing the benches being put to use.

Working on the Meeting House finished ahead of schedule, and meetings resumed there last Sunday. I attended then, but didn't make it today (for no very good reason!). Today's meeting was actually still in progress when I took the picture on the left — hence the open door.