Bunhill Quaker Gardens

Charting the redevelopment of the Quaker Gardens between Banner Street and Chequer Street, London, in 02005.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Big holes for trees

Big holes
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The plan shows new trees being planted in this area of the site, and I assume they wouldn't take root in such stoney, concrete-ridden earth, so big holes were dug today by the returning JCB. They were later partly filled in with newly delivered topsoil.

The original shovel buggy is back too — with the smaller one taken away — as can be seen in this photo, which also shows the thoroughfare being 'rolled' as though in preparation for a new surface.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Chequer Street entrance

Removing more soil
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This morning the small digger dug some holes and built the old surface around the Chequer Street site entrance into piles. In this photo you can see one of those piles being removed by our old friend the Muck It lorry.

The digger was also at work in the Quiet Garden but hidden from my view by the increasingly dense foliage of the plane tree. The gravel was moved temporarily (?) into the space of one of the plant beds, and work continues sporadically in the Meeting House Garden, but leaves no significant visual trace!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Goodbye portacabin

Small portacabin airborne
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The larger portacabin was taken away this morning, and the smaller one moved onto the ball court (a tricky operation) to clear the Chequer Street end of the site.

Elsewhere during the day, topsoil was tipped into the plant beds along the west of the site, and there was a delivery of gravel.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Missed it!

Ball court with tarmac
Ball court with tarmac
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We got back from our Cornwall trip at 6.30 this evening, and of course we'd missed the macadamising of the ball court. That may seem a trivial matter to you, but I'd been anticipating that transformation for weeks…

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Another kind of Quaker garden

Lucy and I had a long weekend down in Cornwall, and visited Trebah Garden, which was designed in the nineteenth century by a Quaker, Charles Fox (I don't know if he's related to the George Fox buried at Bunhill).

Stretched out over 26 acres and reaching down to the beautiful Helford River, it's not in the same ball court (sorry) as Bunhill Fields. To the left is one of the photos I took, and here's a full set of all the photos of Trebah Gardens on the Flickr site.