Bunhill Quaker Gardens

Charting the redevelopment of the Quaker Gardens between Banner Street and Chequer Street, London, in 02005.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Planting about to begin?

Landscapers arrive
Landscapers arrive
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Little has happened since I last posted here. After persistent efforts, the security fence was finally broken. A supermarket shopping basket appeared on site, and then disappeared. There's a broken umbrella and packaging of several varieties of snack and fast food.

There were a couple of people inspecting the site again last Wednesday, but, apart from that, nothing.

Last night I snuck into the Quiet Garden — well, everyone else in the neighbourhood seems to have done so — and discovered that the Hoggin is not 'scarred' as I put it. The surface is actually sandy and loose. So again I'm not sure if it's actually finished.

Today this van turned up, apparently from Coblands Landscapes (see their clumsy web site). If that's the case, then perhaps the planting is about to begin. But if they did anything today other than tip out the soil in their trailer, I didn't see it.


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