Bunhill Quaker Gardens

Charting the redevelopment of the Quaker Gardens between Banner Street and Chequer Street, London, in 02005.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Drilling and (un)paving

Drilled concrete
Originally uploaded by davidjennings.
Today may have been the noisiest day so far. A pneumatic drill was used to dig the hole in the concrete trench that you can see on the left of this photo. And the 'soft surfacing' reached the end of the playground (though I'm not sure if there is going to be a second layer).

In the Meeting House Garden, some of the paving laid yesterday was removed, as can be seen from this photo. Did they get the measurements or layout wrong?

And in the morning (wet, again), there was more detailed measuring of the Quiet Garden by one of the men in yellow jackets and Marianne Park. At one point I thought perhaps the designer looked up and gave me a small wave. I felt embarrassed and 'found out', having passed, I thought, as an unseen voyeur for so long. Keeping the Hitchcock theme I started a couple of days ago, I felt like James Stewart in Rear Window… I wonder if there's anyone buried out there?


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